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Finding the ROOT cause of symptoms

Discover how you can transform your health to begin healing naturally from the inside out.

Board Certified Naturopathic Physicians passionate about finding the root cause of your symptoms, addressing you as a whole person, and using natural medicine to do so.

Accepting patients not only in Charlotte but also in surrounding areas.

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How we can help YOU

How We HELP:

  • Discover what imbalances and deficiencies are causing your symptoms using blood work as well as saliva testing.
  • Understanding that "NORMAL" blood work is not "OPTIMAL", and IS the reason you still do not feel well.
  • Customized eating plans depending on YOUR unique biochemistry from lab work.

YES - we can HELP you!

What we do differently:

  • Experts on Natural Medicine, we take the time to understand the unique YOU.
  • We are INTEGRATIVE fully medically trained, BUT naturally minded.
  • We use specialty testing to determine deficiencies & hormonal imbalances, looking for ‘optimal’ levels, instead of just ‘normal’.
  • We CARE and take the TIME.

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What Our Wonderful Patients Have to Say

When I came in to see Dr. Michelle I was very tired. I didn’t feel like doing anything. Work was exhausting and made me aggravated. I did not feel well and I just didn’t feel like I was living as well as I could be. In the last 2 months since seeing Dr. Michelle I have felt a lot better. My energy is better – I am not dragging like I was. I feel brighter and my attitude is better.

Better Moods and More Energy

Since coming to see Dr. Dillon I have lost about 9 lbs. without having to work at it. I am eating much better than before. My hair is not falling out any more ☺ I really enjoy Dr. Dillon’s approach to health. I have been trying for three years to get my health back and I am happy to finally be getting results. Thank you!!

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